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Aisling Highland Dancers

Based in Halifax, the Aisling Dancers are an elite group of Highland dancers with the dream and vision of modernizing the traditional steps of Highland dance through upbeat and exhilarating choreography.


Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers

Alan Syliboy is an artist, percussionist and spoken word artist from Millbrook First Nation. His band, The Thundermakers, are Guitarist/Vocals Hubert Francis from Elsipogtog First Nation, Lead guitarist Evan Syliboy, and bassist, composer, sound designer, video/sound editor, Lukas Pearse of Halifax. The show consists of songs, spoken word and stories accompanied by multi-media art film and live performance.

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FIL Connection

FIL Connection is a Filipino band based here in the Valley and formed about four years ago. They play contemporary pop rock music. The members of the band are Elmer, Alma, Jericho, Rick, Matti, Meynard, and Alain. This is their first performance at the Kentville Multicultural Festival and we welcome them warmly!

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Darshini Shah is artistic director and owner of ViBeat Dance Studio. She is a dance performer, dance instructor and choreographer. She teaches 2500 years old classical Indian dance called ‘Bharatnatyam’ as well as Bollywood and folk dances from India. You can view her Facebook site here.

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Sébastien Dol

Sébastien Dol is a multi-instrumentalist, signer/songwriter, 5th generation fiddler who has been playing the violin and guitar for over 20 years. Musical styles include traditional French, Acadian and Cajun songs, original songs and toe tapping fiddle tunes. He has performed at the Lunenberg Folk Festival, at the Fontaine le Compte storytelling festival in Poitiers, France, at the Mondial des Cultures Festival in Drumondville (QC) to accompany the dance troupe La Baie en Joie, at the Festival Acadien de Larry's River, numerous times at the Acadian Festival of Clare, for La Semaine Acadienne in Courseulle-sur-Mer as well as at the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy France.

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The Maritime Centre for African Dance

The Maritime Centre for African Dance, best known for performing for President Obama's African Inaugural Ball, will be performing dances from the East, West, South and Central part of Africa. These are both traditional and Afrobeats. MCAD Inc is national and international organization and have now taught over 800,000 people! Their facilitators, instructors and artists are from different parts of Africa and the Carribbean.

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Frederic Mujica

Frederic Mujica is a professional singer/dancer and musician from Sancti Spiritus Cuba, who now lives in Canada – arriving with a suitcase full of talent. Frederic offers music from Latin countries around the world, and depending on the event offers dancing lessons during the break! This engaging performer has headlined at Cuba’s highest-rated resorts. He will electrify!


Chinese Culture and Art Club

Chinese culture and Art Club of Nova Scotia was initiated in 2013 by a group of people from China, and some foreigners who love Chinese culture and keen to promote the culture and art of the Chinese nation. The club is referred to as the "Hua Yi" in Chinese. There is a Chinese dance group, folk musical instrument group, vocal group, Chinese calligraphy and tea arts group. Since its inception, the club has average more than 20 performances each year for different audiences.


Cristián Quiriván

Cristián Quiriván is from Chile and plays several musical instruments from South America, such as wood flutes, pan flutes and strings instruments like the Charango and the Cuatro. He plays, primarily, folk music from the Andes.


Megwe’gs Drumming Duo with Carolyn and Neenie Landry

Carolyn Landry and her sister Neenie were born and raised in the Annapolis Valley. Carolyn is owner of Redfeather's Native Art Cultural Consultant and a sociologist working on bridging gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. She is currently working on connections of Youth and Elders alongside Neenie. Carolyn and Neenie will open our festival with a smudge ceremony. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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Chinese Language School

Ms. Mei Wang has been a teacher in the Halifax Chinese Language School for the last 16 years. She has also been the director for the dance team of the School since 2005. Mei provided a volunteer training program of Chinese cultural dances to young students during breaks between her classes.  Her dance team has been invited to perform in numerous social events and multicultural festivals.


Drummers From Home

Drummers From Home is a unique collective of individuals who have come together out of their love of African and world beat rhythms. Over the years, the group has developed a unique chemistry and work hard to incorporate the various backgrounds and personalities of the players.